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In just three weeks the new Apple iPad has risen to account for 10% of total iPad net traffic. The New iPad 3 seemed assured of success after selling 3 million tablets in its first three days on sale, and according to Chitika iPad tracker, the new iPad now accounts for 10% of all iPad use on its network.

The figures are great news for Apple, who were selling this year’s version on the strength of a much-improved Retina quality display and superior graphics processing compared with the earlier models. If the current sales trends were maintained, Apple would be looking at selling as many units of the latest iPad 3 as they sold of both iPad and iPad 2 just six months after launch.

Not surprisingly, Apple’s share price has risen by more than 100% in the last year to make the Cupertino manufacturer the world’s most valuable company. The fact that the iPad 2 and, indeed, iPhone 4S launched in October, were only minor upgrades, shows the strength and desirability of Apple’s brand amongst consumers.


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