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One of the most popular and highly lauded HDDs currently on the market is Seagate. If you are looking for a hard disk drive with extra features to appeal to your needs, you will definitely love the GoFlex Satellite. This is part storage device and it also functions as a streamer for wireless media. It is quite robust but there are slight compromises at the end of the day. This HDD has a capacity of 500GB with an additional Wi Fi module as well as a web server built into the device. You just have to turn the streamer on or off using a switch and the connection are ready after 30 to 40 secs. You can use this streamer to stream across various platforms, even iOS products like iPad and iPhone.

This device includes a USB 3.0 adapter as well as an additional car charger so that it can be used while on the road. When it comes to installation, it was easy and breezy. You can sync the media in a cinch as well as drag and drop files. You do not have to install any multimedia software. The advantage of having media on the GoFlex is to enable you to stream your media and files to any iOS device, laptop or other computers. At the price of around $200, it is really quite a good deal. Seagate GoFlex Satellite portable hard drive is especially good for those with numerous media devices and computers around the house.

When you take a look at the design and size of the Seagate GoFlex Satellite, it is a lot bigger compared to the GoFlex Slim. However it is still highly portable and it is very easy to carry around. Another thing about this device is that it is only around $199.99 which is the going rate for those plain 500GB HDDs. When it comes to performance, the GoFlex Satellite transfers and stores files very easily just like a conventional hard disk. The web server or app server is able to sort things out for you.. This device also has an iOS app for iPad or other iOS devices. It is quite fundamental but it does get the job done. When tested, the Seagate GoFlex Satellite worked quite intuitively. You can even pull content and stream them across numerous devices at once without lagging.

The Seagate seems to be very intuitive when used with iPad or other iOS devices but you can use this on any tablet, computer or handheld device that you have. Overall, it really is great for those of you who use iOS devices, like iPad or iPhone, or even iPod Touch. If you love streaming tons of music, videos and images into various devices at home or on the go Seagate GoFlex Satellite HDD is the way to go.


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